Install Inventor Read-only Mode using Custom Install

May 30, 2022 Joanna Gryszka


You want to install Inventor Read-only Mode without Inventor for a user that needs an Inventor file viewer without design capabilities.


Create a Custom Install in your Autodesk Account to install Inventor Read-only Mode only.

  • Log into your Autodesk Account.

  • Go to Products and Services in the left menu.

  • Choose Custom Install and the ‘Create Package’ button at the top right

  • Select Inventor Professional from the list of products.
    • Select the latest version or a specific version 
    • Expand Customizations and select ‘Only install Inventor Read-only mode(without Inventor)
    • Select Next

  • To install this on the current machine, choose the Install option.
  • To create a Deployment for multiple machines, choose Deploy.  See How to create a Custom Install-deployment.
  • Type in a Package name and description(optional)
  • Change the installation path if needed under Advanced options
  • Select Download 
  • An executable file named Package name.exe will download to your Downloads folder.
  • Run this file to create the installation files in C:\Autodesk\

  • Once the installer files extract to C:\Autodesk\ you can select Install to immediately install Inventor Read-Only Mode.

For more information on Inventor file viewers:

  For more information on Custom Installs:

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