How to move an Autodesk Custom Install

August 26, 2021 Shawn Heator

Issue: Autodesk created a new user interface to create a customized Install or Deployment directly from a user Autodesk account. Both a customized Install and a Deployment are created under the All Product and Services sub section called Custom Install.

Once the Custom Install is configured, the customized installer (Custom Install or Deployment) is downloaded to the location specified during its creation. There is not an option to move a Custom Install once it has been fully downloaded. Even if you are not making any other changes, Autodesk recommends creating a new Custom Install if the need to move the Custom Install arises. Downloading a new Custom Install can be time consuming. It is much quicker to move the Custom Install to a new location and edit a few file paths.


Solution: There are 2 files that need to be edited to move your Custom Install: The Windows Batch File (.bat) and the Collection.xml file. Copy the entire Custom Install folder to the new location and then proceed with editing the .bat and Collection.xml files to include the new correct paths.


  1. The .bat file that runs the deployment needs to have the paths edited. Open File Explorer and open the Custom Install folder. Find the .bat file named Install <Custom Install name>.bat and right click to Edit or select Open with Notepad. **Do not use Microsoft Word to edit the .bat file.**





  1. Edit the highlighted paths from the .bat file. In the below example, the original path for the Custom Install was defined as C:\Autodesk\Revit 2021 test. Change the path to the new location and save the file.


  1. Open the image folder inside your Custom Install folder. Right click on the Collection.xml file to Edit or Open with Notepad. **Do not use Microsoft Word to edit the .xml file.**


  1. Look for the <DeploymentImagePath> and <Path> as shown in the image below. Edit the paths to match the new defined locations in the .bat file and save the file.


  1. Test your Custom Install to ensure it still successfully install your Autodesk applications after it has been moved and edited.

If you experience a problem after moving your deployment, then please contact support at 888-528-4765 or e-mail

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