Revit Cloud Work-sharing Best Practices

June 9, 2022 Heather Volk


Are you working in a Revit project that is being work-shared in the Autodesk Construction Cloud / ACC (BIM 360) platform? This post will go over the best practices when working in work-shared BIM360 projects to help avoid poor performance and corruption.


  1. When working in a work-sharing environment opening by pathing to the project by clicking on “Open” or “BIM360” is the best practice. Selecting “Open” will allow you to get to a Revit Server work-shared project. Selecting “BIM360” will take you to a BIM360 Hub/ project.


  1. Keeping files smaller in size and doing general “housekeeping” like Audits and Purge Unused to keep the files clean and as small as possible.
  2. All model errors should be reviewed and resolved as quick as possible to avoid more issues and possible corruption.

Some examples:

  1. Try to link files and not import or bind to the model. Importing or Binding puts them into the file/ project which increases the size of the file.
  2. Make sure your computer is current on updates and has enough memory to work in the models.

See Revit System Requirements:

  1. Make sure all updates have been installed for the version of Revit being used including hotfixes, security fixes and base updates.
  2. Make sure all users are working with the same version and build of Revit AND the Desktop Connector.
  3. Reduce the number of loaded files (dwgs, rvts, etc) and only load the files needed for what you are working on.
  4. Open and work with only the worksets needed limiting the number of opened worksets. This will help speed up opening and saving times.
  5. Close worksets that are not required or being used rather than changing their visibility.
  6. Do not leave models open overnight always synchronize and relinquish all worksets when closing out for the day or even going to lunch. This will allow others to be able to edit them and close the model if needed.
  7. Try to avoid linking models from your local drives/ server. This will slow down the opening and syncing process. If you are working in BIM360 it is best to load/ store all files associated with the project in the BIM360 project folders.
  8. Do not link Revit cloud workshared models from the desktop connector! ALWAYS link the RCW files from the external links option. This is a more efficient workflow that has better results.
  9. If the model is on the larger side, open using the “Specify” option and close the worksets to open quicker. Then go back in and open the worksets needed to do work.
  10. Remove unnecessary links before publishing.
  11. When publishing, select the views you wish to publish to BIM360 in the publish settings.


By doing all the items above it will help you work more effectively in a Work-Shared environment.

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