Vault Professional 2022 Thin Client - can't navigate folders

June 9, 2022 Bob Felton


When the Vault Professional 2022.2 Update has been applied on both the Vault Server and Client, the files are available via the search feature but cannot be browsed to locate them from the folder structure.


This issue was first reported in the initial release for Vault Pro 2022 and was corrected with the Vault 2022.1 Update as reported here.

But the problem returned with the 2022.1.1, 2022.2, and 2022.3 updates. The AKN Incident ID:32247 also appears among Vault 2023 Known Issues for Thin Client - for Vault Professional as "The user won't be able to navigate folders in the Thin Client navigation pane if the vault name has blank space in it. PDM-32247".


Two solutions have been confirmed for Vault 2022.2 and 2022.3.

  • Uninstall, then reinstall the Vault Server, then reinstall the most recent Vault 2022.3 Update so that the builds for the Vault Server and Vault Thin Client match.

Then clear the cache in the web browser on the thin client workstation.

or try this method:

  • Open the ADMS Console, expand the Vaults folder, and notice where the Filestore is located.

      Select, right-click and Detach the vault. 

Then right-click, Attach and rename the vault without a space.


A third option is to upgrade to Vault Pro 2023.

Contrary to the Vault 2023 Known Issues, navigation works in the Thin Client for a 2023 Vault with a space in its name.


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Sr. Technical Support Specialist, Manufacturing<br><br>Bob Felton has been supporting Autodesk products for over 25 years including core AutoCAD, P&ID, Plant 3D, AutoCAD for Mac, AutoCAD Mechanical, and Vault. His background is in graphics with an Applied Sciences degree and ten years manufacturing experience drafting, as well as technical illustration, image editing, and even patent drafting.

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