Online Custom Install Installing Incorrect Versions of Software

April 1, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich


You have created an Online Deployment in your Autodesk Account

If you download and install during or after Autodesk releases a new version, your deployment may install the newest version as opposed to the ones specified when you built the deployment.


This is caused by how you initially built the deployment.  If you check latest version when creating the online deployment, then you will get the latest version (update level and version year).  In the example below, I had Latest version checked for AutoCAD and Civil 3D.  As you can see below, AutoCAD from a new download will now be at the 2023 version.



If you need it to install a specific version / year of product, then ensure you fix the version using the Specific Version radio button:

On the plus side, it takes only a few minutes to correct this in your Autodesk account, then when you re-download the package, it will be exactly what you expect and specified.



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