Laggy or choppy behavior in AutoCAD with large amounts of Text (TTF)

May 2, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich


In AutoCAD or AutoCAD-based products, you have significant performance issues on layouts or areas of the screen that contain large amounts of text


This is generally related to the font used in the displayed Text Style.  More specifically, when using True Type Fonts (TTF), AutoCAD-based products actually render the text like a bitmap, and not as vectors (with text that has a fill or thickness).  When you have large amounts of text, and you have a complex TTF assigned to the text style, you will see an immediate lag when navigating or doing commands and commands like Zoom and PAN will be very choppy.


There are only a few things you can do to remedy this:

  1. Use a different font in the Text Style
  2. Use a different font during the editing, then change it back for printing
  3. Be aware and accept the lag when in those layout tabs

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