Loading Linetypes throws an error

April 25, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich


You attempt to load a linetype into your drawing and get an error message like this:


This problem is usually one of two things.

  1. You are missing the SHX (shape file) that they Linetype is looking for
  2. The drawing has the SHX loaded as a Text style


Now, if it happens in all drawings, then you are missing a SHX (typically ltypeshp.shx) or you are missing a path to that SHX file.  This file should be present in the

%appdata%\Autodesk\AutoCAD 202x\R2x.x\enu\Support directory.


If your Options -> Files Tab => Support File Search Path doesn’t contain a location that points to the SHX, then you either need to add to a path that is there or add a new path to point to that location.


If it occurs in only a few drawings or only specific ones, then we need to look deeper into those drawings.

This is a Drawing specific issue.  What happened is that a one or more Text Styles are using the ltypeshp.shx as a text font (it's a shape file, and not a supported Text Font Style).  Now, in that drawing, we go to the Annotate Tab and we click on the Style Editor (or type in DDSTYLE):

Once in the Text Style Editor, go through each style on the left and look for the Font name to show up as ltypeshp.shx.  Replace it with Arial (or some other font), and click Apply. then continue to the next font. 

Once you changed all of the text styles, then save and close the drawing, then close AutoCAD.  Then reopen AutoCAD and reopen the drawing, make sure to Purge any shapes and text styles form the drawing and that issue should no longer appear.

The issue is coming from the shx being used as a font for a text style and in use for a linetype, once added to a Text Style, AutoCAD cannot read that shx for linetypes, and throws the error. 

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