How to smooth out blending geometry in Revit

July 8, 2024 Gregory Lee

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The automatic cleanup of polygons is not occurring when using the blending tool in Revit. This becomes evident when transitioning from one polygonal geometry to a different polygonal geometry, leading to disorderly polygons around the transition due to variations in the number of vertices.

The discrepancy in the number of vertices during transitions disrupts Revit's processing algorithm, preventing the automatic cleanup of polygons.

To address this issue and achieve a smoother blending surface, it is essential to ensure that the number of vertices in all blending profile shapes is consistent.



  1. Identify the highest number of vertices in the profiles. (In the example below, 12 is the highest vertex count.   
  2. Match all profile geometries to have the same number of vertices.
    • To align the vertices, you can use the slicing tool to cut the sides or place a reference point on the side.
  3. Create a surface by selecting all profile geometries and the path.



Comparing the difference between the same process without matching the vertices:

As depicted in the image above, without matching the vertices, the surface appears uneven and deformed when transitioning from a circle to a polygonal geometry. Ensuring the vertices are consistent provides a solution for achieving a smoother transition between different polygonal geometries.


Below is another example:

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