How to match Windows graphics driver version with NVIDIA's version

March 28, 2023 Bob Felton


When display problems occur in AutoCAD or Inventor, for example, it's often recommended to locate an Autodesk-certified driver for the NVIDIA graphics card that is (typically) in use.


The problem is that AutoCAD and Inventor will show the Windows driver version and not the NVIDIA driver's version.

For example, in AutoCAD's 3DCONFIG, or GRAPHICSCONFIG commands, the Windows driver will be shown as 'Driver Version:':



In Inventor's Hardware Diagnostics, found under Tools > Applications Options > Hardware tab > Diagnostics button:


The Diagnostics contents can be copied to the clipboard from the summary:



Usually, the next step is to look for an Autodesk-certified driver from the table here:

Autodesk Certified graphics hardware

But the problem is that the certified driver table will list the NVIDIA driver version and not the Windows driver reported in the CAD application or in Windows itself.

For example, for Inventor 2022 in Windows 10:

The question is how to compare the Windows driver version with the closest certified NVIDIA listed as driver 471.41 or 511.65.

How can you tell if the installed driver is newer or older than the certified driver?


You can compare the Windows driver as shown in AutoCAD, Inventor, or perhaps in the Windows diagnostics app, DXDIAG, or in the Device Manager found from:

  • Start > Run > devmgmt.msc
  • Expand 'Display adapters' and double-click NVIDIA

...with the NVIDIA driver version found from:

  • Right-click an open area on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel (for Win 11 select 'Show more options' first).

  • Click 'System Information' in the lower left corner.



From this comparison, you can see if the Windows driver which is equivalent to the NVIDIA driver 517.51 is earlier or later than the Autodesk-certified driver.

In this example, the Autodesk Certified Graphics table does not list a certified driver for AutoCAD 2022 in Windows 10 or 11 nor for Inventor 2022 in Windows 11.

The closest match to the NVIDIA T1200 Laptop GPU is driver 471.41, but for AutoCAD 2021 in Windows 10 and either 471.41 or 511.65 for Inventor 2022 in only Windows 10, not Win 11.

That could mean that the uncertified NVIDIA driver 517.51 may have some problems in AutoCAD 2022 and later versions when run in Windows 11.

But Inventor 2022 in Windows 10 should be OK, but not in Windows 11, perhaps.


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