Creating an Autodesk Custom Install for Network licensing

June 1, 2023 Ken Williams


I need to create an Autodesk Custom Install for network licensing and have the software installed from the deployment point to a network license server without any user interaction


  1.  Log into the account with either the Primary Admin or Secondary Admin rights.
  2.  On the menu on the left side choose "Custom Install". 
  3.  In the top right choose "+ Create New"
  4.  On the dropdown under License Type: choose "Network" and check the box for the product that will be included in the deployment. For this example, I am choosing AutoCAD.
  5.  Once you choose the product for the deployment a second part of the screen appears. Here is where you will select the version of the Autodesk product and include updates that are available at the time of this deployment creation. you will need to click on "Select a version".
  6.  I am choosing AutoCAD 2024 and the latest version with the current updates.
  7.  You can click any of the drop-downs on the right-side menu at the bottom if you would like to add any Customizations, Extensions, Language packs, or Plug-ins to the deployment. Click "Next" when ready.
  8. On the next screen you will give Package a name. You will choose the "Deploy" button and then the "Deployment image path: *". This is the shared location the deployment image will be hosted on. To point the image to Network License Server click on the "Specify license server" button. Once you insert the license server location check the "I agree to the terms of use". Choose to save.
  9. When you choose "Specify license server..." you will be to enter the license server info for the deployment. 
  10.  After saving you can click download and a 14.9-meg file will be downloaded. Click on this file and the Custom install deployment will be downloaded to the location you choose earlier. 
  11. There will be .bat in the deployment which starts the installation on the user's machine.

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Installation Technical Support Specialist<br><br>Ken Williams has over 20 years of experience as a systems administrator helping organizations with installation, configuration, and maintenance. At IMAGINiT, Ken puts his knowledge of Microsoft, SQL, servers, and Autodesk to work ensuring clients are able to stay up-and-running, install their software easily, and maintain their solutions.

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