AutoCAD 2023-2024 graphics performance improvements

December 28, 2023 Joanna Gryszka

AutoCAD 2023 and 2024 feature a new 3D graphics system that improves navigation in larger drawing files.  Graphics performance is also extended to model and paper space.

This new graphics engine improves 2D/3D graphical performance in larger drawing files.  It utilizes the power available in the GPU(graphics processing unit) and multi-core CPUs.

Note: This requires a DirectX 12 capable graphics card(see the DirectX 12 section below).

♦ AutoCAD 2022 featured this as a 'technical preview' in Shaded model viewports. Enabled with the 3DTECHPREVIEW system variable. With the graphics preview on, Shaded viewports show as 'Shaded (GSF)' in the viewport controls:


AutoCAD 2023 introduced the new graphics system that include the following 3D graphics enhancements.

♦A new FASTSHADEDMODE system variable enables the new 3D graphics system.  It is ON by default. It can also be turned on/off in Graphics Performance.

3D :

  • In Shaded and Shaded with Edges visual styles in Model space viewports only.
  • Does not support customized visual styles, materials, maps, point clouds or large coordinate values.

The following 2D improvements are included in this version as well:

2D : 2D Wireframe-improved Pan, Zoom in drawings with many TTF texts, long polylines and solid hatches.  GPU memory usage is optimized. 


Improvements in 3D and 2D graphics in this version include:

3D: Support for Paper Space, point clouds, lineweights, large coordinate values,  xref and locked layer dimming, added support for Civil and Map 3D.

2D: Pan: with raster images and wipeouts; Display: Layout switching, View Cube, Trace Background, Markup Import/Assist.

How to verify if your graphics card is DirectX 12 capable

1.Use the 3DCONFIG command in AutoCAD.  In the Graphics Performance dialog box at the top right, Virtual Device: DirectX 12

2.Start the dxdiag command in Windows to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool dialog box.  Find your graphics card on one of the 'Display' tabs.  The 'Direct3D DDI:' field will be equal to '12'.

Other settings to improve AutoCAD performance:

Tips to improve performance in AutoCAD and AutoCAD based products

Settings to improve performance with older or low end graphics cards

Use a previous version of DirectX 

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