Autodesk InfoWater Pro ribbon not appearing in ArcGIS

August 9, 2023 Ken Williams

Troubleshooting for InfoWater Pro ribbon not appearing in ArcGIS


The Autodesk InfoWater Pro toolbar is not found in the ArcGIS Pro application.


You will need to manually add the toolbar in ArcGIS

1. Open ArcGIS Pro and click the "About ArcGIS Pro" button found at the bottom left of the screen. 

2. By clicking the "About ArcGIS Pro button", a sidebar menu will open. Click the "Add-In Manager" section.

3. After opening the "Add-In Manager", click the "Options" section at the top of the page. This will open the interface to add folders so that ArcGIS Pro can load the extensions.

4. Click "Add Folder" button and add the two following folder locations: C:\Program Files\Common Files\MWH Soft Shared (InfoWater Pro Install Location)\Bin

5. After adding the folders to ArcGIS Pro, close the program and start InfoWater Pro. Open a project and the InfoWater Pro tab should now appear after opening a project. 

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