How to Add Image for Projects on ACC Platform

April 5, 2022 Jeremy Smith


When creating projects on the BIM 360 platform(, administrators have the option to add an image, such as a client logo to the profile.  To do so, you simply navigate to Project Admin > Profile tab and hover over the gray box in the upper left designated for an image, and select Add Project Image.  Here's an example of an image that's been added to a project profile, which can be modified at any time:

On the Unified Platform (, no such option currently exists.  So how can an image be added to a project profile on this platform?  With a little trickery.

To complete the following steps, you need to be an Account Administrator on your BIM 360 site and a Project Administrator of the ACC project:

  1. Sign into
  2. Select the project to customize, select the Project Admin module, and then Settings
  3. Highlight and copy the project GUID found at the end of the URL (color added for emphasis):{Project_GUID}

  4. In a separate tab, go to to access the BIM 360 platform
  5. Select the Projects tab.  The URL will appear similar to the following, with your {Account_GUID}:

6.  Paste your {Project_GUID} from Step 3 into the following link:{Account_GUID}/projects/{Project_GUID}/profile

7.  You can then add a project image associated with your ACC project


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