Autodesk Vault ECO Properties Missing

March 29, 2022 Heath White


Some users began experiencing missing properties when creating or editing ECOs in Autodesk Vault Professional. This issue only affects some users, is not release specific, and is not typically related to any updates or system changes.


You can see an example of this in the image below, notice there are no slider bars along the side of the dialog box:



This problem is just a simple interface misconfiguration, however the solution it is not immediately obvious when looking at the display. The whole window can be resized, and the layout has some basic adjustments available just by dragging the dividers. Repositioning the divider is typically what has occurred when this issue comes up.


The solution is simple once the issue has been identified. First, you’ll need to verify that a repositioning of the divider is what has happened. You can do this by hovering your cursor over the divider as shown in the image below:



You will know your cursor is over the divider when the cursor changes to the “double arrow” indicated above. The only caveat is that the cursor will also change when you hover over the edge of the ECO window. The easiest way to tell the difference is by noting the slight color change when hovering over the divider. That color change will not be present when hovering over the edges of the window.



Left-click on the divider and drag upward until the properties panel displays as you wish.


If this option does not work, you can always delete your local Vault client profile to reset the Vault interface for an individual user. Keep in mind that this will also remove any view customizations you may have applied.


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