"Wrong Version -6" error trying to activate the IMAGINiT Utilities

July 28, 2021 Jeff Lotan


You receive the error:

A licensing issue was detected.

License Error Code: -6

‘WRONG VERSION’ error.  While you have a license for IMAGINiTRvtUtilities, it is not for version 20xx" error trying to activate the IMAGINiT Utilities. 



This is due to trying to use a mis-matched Authcode and installation of the utilities.  For example:  You have the Utilities for Revit 2021-2016 installed but are trying to Activate using the 2022-2018 Authcode.  OR you have the Utilities for Revit 2022-2018 installed and you are trying to use the Authcode for the 2020-2016 license because you are trying to activate Utilities within Revit 2020. 

Our Utilities for Revit install into all versions of Revit specified in the email (i.e. 2022-2018) so you only have to activate once for all of those versions.


Use the most current Authcode and download from the most current email you’ve received.  For example:  You have gone to www.IMAGINiT.com/utilities-request and received the Authcode email for the Utilities for Revit 2022-2018 – Standalone (SUBSCRIPTION).  The Correct Authcode and Installation files are within that email.

Please use this process to get the Utilities installed and activated with the newer authcode:

  1. Download the .zip file from the email.
  2. Exit all versions of Revit.
  3. Extract the files from the .zip.
  4. Install from the .msi file for the Utilities.
  5. Run Revit and use the Authcode from the same email you clicked to download the .zip file.

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