Vault Thin Client 2022 doesn't show Print Snapshot tool in the View tab

February 14, 2022 Bob Felton


Starting in the 2022 Vault Workgroup and Professional editions, the Vault Thin Client was refreshed to replace the Autodesk Design Review with the Forge-based Autodesk Viewer to view vaulted visualization files.

In the new Forge interface, the 'Print Snapshot' tool icon was added with the Vault 2022.1 Update. But some installations do not show this new tool icon.


Missing the Print Snapshot after installing the Vault 2022.1 Update.



The Vault 2022.1 Update or higher needs to be successfully installed and in some instances, the web browser data needs to be cleared. 



The fastest solution is to test the Thin Client in Chrome's Incognito mode, or in Edge's inPrivate mode. If that works and the 'Print SnapShot' tool icon shows, then consider just using Incognito or InPrivate modes.

Otherwise, you can empty the cache in Chrome or Edge, from the Ellipsis (...) at the top right, then Settings like this:



Google Chrome's procedure to empty cached images and files. Shortcut: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData



Microsoft Edge's procedure to empty cached images and files. Shortcut edge://settings/clearBrowserData

But, if that still doesn't work, then reinstall the Vault Thin Client from the Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features. Shortcut: Start > Run > appwiz.cpl


Note: Make sure that the Vault Thin Client 2022 shows build or higher.


If that still doesn't work, then reinstall the Vault 2022.1 Update or the highest update already installed on the Vault Server host, from the installer for that update.




Note: Before running Repair on the Autodesk Vault 2022.2.x Update (Server), check that you have a current Vault Server full backup for the ADMS Console. This will safeguard your vault data should the reinstallation of the latest update cause any problems.

Also, please check the readme file for the update for any additional installation details, such as a b2bmigrate (Build to Build migration). For example, in the release notes for the Autodesk Vault 2022.2.2 Update (Server) are details for b2bmigrate, shown here.


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