Vault Professional Check In Error: "You do not have adequate permissions to perform this operation".

August 25, 2021 Heath White


You are attempting to check in a file or files checked  checked out to you, which you have also updated and saved without issue.  When you do so, you receive the following error:


This issue is due to permissions restrictions as indicated in the error message above.  However, this issue can be difficult to track down since the message contains no useful information regarding exactly which permissions/settings may be preventing the process from completing successfully.


While there are multiple potential configuration settings that could lead to this situation, this article will address the cause that is most common when migrating files from one release of Inventor to another using the Administrator account.


If we look at the file status in Inventor, the file is checked out to the user and has been saved successfully, however when checking the file in, the error will pop up.   I have made this example with the default Administrator account.


Below you can see that the file is in a “Released” state, which is not normally an editable state.  For this example, we want to migrate the file format to the latest Inventor file format as part of a regular migration between software releases. This type of change does not warrant a revision bump since form, fit, and function are not affected by the change in file format.  To that end, we often give the Administrator or an equivalent account the ability to edit “Released” files or the ability to use a “Quick Change” state for the same purpose.

Note the security settings for the Lifecycle as shown below:


When checking security on the file itself you can see that the Administrator has explicit permission to “Modify” the file.