Vault Cannot Be Installed Due to Unresolvable ASPX Error

March 29, 2024 Heath White

During a Vault install, when running the Installation Pre-checks, the install fails the ASP Status Check, typically with the following error: “ASPX file failed to run at URL: "http://localhost/TestASP/TestASPNet.aspx".”

However, all the standard troubleshooting steps recommended in the Autodesk documentation fail to resolve the problem and allow you to install the ADMS Console. 

This issue is related to a similar, yet different issue some users have seen where attempting to log into Vault returns the “Vault 20XX could not find the Data Management Services on “servername””. In those situations, clients experienced the issue as outlined in the following article: 

When reviewing the IIS Application Pools Advanced Settings, we noticed that the “Load User Profile” settings was set to “False”.  Since no other troubleshooting steps had resolved the issue, and this did block the install, I decided to test if the settings change which had worked for the other issue would also resolve this apparent IIS related problem. Setting each of the Application Pools shown in the image below to “Load User Profile = True”, did allow the Vault installation to complete without further issue.

One additional thing to note is that, for the client this was happening to, while we were working on the system, those settings reverted to "False”, and the Vault functions became inaccessible. We currently do not know what caused IIS settings to revert to the “False” state. After resetting those values for the Application Pools again and rebooting the server, the settings remained static. Keep in mind that if you correct the settings and then you again lose access to the Vault, it is possible that they have returned to the previous, incorrect state and may need to be changed again. Work with your IT resource to determine if security or network policies may be affecting these settings.

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