Save a material to the Inventor material library

March 29, 2024 Joanna Gryszka


You want to make a material/appearance available in all your Inventor files. 

A material/appearance was saved in a part file but can't be reused in new or existing files.


Inventor materials were not saved to the Inventor or custom material library.


Open an existing part where the material/appearance was saved.

Go to the Material Browser in the Quick Access toolbar: 

Add the Material to the Inventor(or your custom) Material Library:

  • Right-click the material, select Add to ► Material Library ► Category
  • Or drag the material directly to the library Category 

Update the local material:

Go the Manage ribbon►Styles and Standards►Update Styles

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Manufacturing Technical Support Specialist<br><br>Joanna has over eight years of experience working with Autodesk products. She started supporting core AutoCAD and network installations of all Autodesk products. She now has five years of experience with Inventor. <br> She graduated from Mechanical Engineering and has been providing solutions to clients and dedicating her knowledge to the Solution Center since then.

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