Utilities for Revit 2024.1 update is now available with added functionality

February 2, 2024 Jeff Lotan

The Utilities Revit 2024.1 has been released.

In addition to the existing features (see: https://resources.imaginit.com/imaginit-utilities-for-revit-tips/imaginit-utilities-for-revit) we have added a variety of new tools to our Utilities for Revit 2024-2018:

Version 2024.1 (Feature Release)
•    New Utility: SectionBox Toggle
•    New Utility: SectionBox Model
•    New Utility: Revit Addin Helper
•    New Utility: Element Compare
•    New Utility: Schedule Open
•    Upgraded Utility: "Enhanced Transfer Project Standards" becomes "Model Updater", with new batch capabilities for model updates across multiple models.
•    Upgraded Utility: The Fabrication Item Numbering now supports a configuration file to standardize the parameters to exclude from consideration for "similar parts".

Also: two of the features allow batch processing of Revit files in BIM360/ACC which requires:
•    A desktop authorization of an Autodesk ID
•    Permission from a BIM360/ACC Admin (Settings/Custom Integrations for now).

It is the same URL as before - so everyone who downloads now will get the new 2024.1 update.
The existing 2024 license you have will work fine.

To upgrade from 2024 to 2024.1 Utilities for Revit:

  1. You will need to re-download from the existing link you already have.
  2. Exit all versions of Revit.
  3. Run the installer and it should perform an in-place upgrade. 
  4. Launch Revit and test!

Note:  the in-place upgrade often fails if an instance of Revit is still open.  If the Utilities do not work correctly, then exit all versions of Revit again and Uninstall the Utilities from Programs and Features, then install the 2024.1 update again.

If you have not installed the Utilities for Revit 2024, then you can request them here:


Click the "Free download for IMAGINiT Clients" button.

Once you submit the form you should receive an email fairly quickly with the download link and authcode to use.

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