How to resolve Revit warnings

Application Version: Applied All Revit

The primary cause of Revit crashes is often non-maintained warnings.

Many Revit users ignore the pop-up that appears in the lower right corner of the Revit screen. Additionally, users may not know how to address warnings even if they open the warning dialog box.

In this cheat sheet, I will cover different cases of Revit warnings and explain how to resolve them. There are basic foundational principles that any Revit user needs to know in the Revit warnings system. Revit warnings have very distinct patterns.


The following lists common keywords in warnings that hint at what is not working in Revit:


  1. “Joined but do not intersect”
    • This dialog indicates that joined elements are no longer joined. To resolve this issue, you can either unjoin the elements involved in the warnings or join them back.
    • Using "Select Elements by ID," you can navigate to the element location easily.
    • The walls were having connection issues. Unjoining the walls and manually cleaning up resolves the warning.
  2. “Could not create Wall Sweep. Two Wall sweeps are overlapping.”
    • This dialog indicates that there are wall sweeps that are overlapping each other. The first step to resolve this warning is locating the element using the element ID.
    • Once you have located them, look for where the problem is happening.