Revit File Size increasing Exponentially

July 1, 2024 Gregory Lee

Application Version: Revit 2022

Revit file keeps increasing in size each time a family is edited and reinserted.

The cause of the issue is due to one of the nested families' attached image files, which keep duplicating to families grouped in the project file. The file size increases in multiples based on the number of groups in the model.

Unfortunately, there's no easy fix for this issue. Please follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Save all loaded families by selecting "Save As > Library > Family."
  2. After exporting all families, open each family and check if there's a nested family. If there is a nested family, open it and verify if there's an image file causing the issue. Once you find the nested family containing the problematic image, remove the nested family from the project in the project browser.

Although the process is simple, it can take a long time to identify the family causing the problem.

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