How to remove OLE links to Excel Spreadsheets

November 7, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich


You have linked OLE Excel tables in your drawing and are having issues either going to Model Space Tab or are having other issues with your drawing once you’ve added the OLE Excel Links


This problem can be if Excel and/or AutoCAD cannot open or find the Excel Spreadsheets used or you do not have the source XLSX file


Type in OLELINKS or activate the MENUBAR (MENUBAR=1) and go to Edit => OLE Links

Graphical user interface, application

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Click on each link showing the linked document and click the Break Link button

Graphical user interface, text, application

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Repeat until this list is empty then click Close

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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That will leave the table data in the drawing intact but will remove the linkage back to the source XLSX file.

Save, close and reopen and see if that helps with the issue you are experiencing.

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