How Global Licensing Change Impacts Your Organization: Webcast Q&A

September 26, 2022

Autodesk has changed the way multi-national firms can provision their software licenses, which has created a fundamental shift in how organizations issue global licenses going forward. We recently held a webcast to discuss the new capabilities around Global Licensing and the impacts they have on your organization, which is now available for on-demand viewing.

With all of these changes, there were of course some excellent questions that came in during the Q&A session of the webcast. See below for expanded answers from the webcast Q&A. We hope this will help clarify Autodesk’s global licensing changes and what this means for your organization. 

Q:  Many of us have network licenses and are using LMTools. What happens with that and how will that change?
A: LMTools go away when you transfer to named user.  However, with named user combined with Premium you get the added benefit of SSO “single sign on” as well as named user utilization by product offering, product name and date.

Q: Please explain the 3-year back rule.
A: Best practice would be to remove the old version as they fall off the 3-year versions allowed.

Q: Do the global use changes apply only to named user licenses, or does it also apply to any remaining network licenses we have?
A: At this time, only single-use licenses are eligible for the global use licensing.

Q: Can you purchase a limited amount of Premium licenses to track only certain groups?
A: Currently, Autodesk requires all seats to be covered by Premium with a minimum of 10 seats.

Q: Are there plans that will give this type of data for BIM360? I like that I can see usage for these products, but the same type of information would be very helpful to determine if a user is actually using their assigned BIM360 seat.
A: It is on Autodesk’s roadmap to provide BIM usage in the future, but currently there is no timeline for this.

Q:  How is Flex licensing impacted by international approved / non-approved countries?
A: Most approved countries are eligible for Flex Tokens, they will need to check eligibility for each country.

Q: Is there an uplift to Flex licenses for Premium?
A: If a customer has Premium covering their standard seats, Flex Tokens are covered at no additional cost on the existing plan.

Q: On international licensing - we have a lot of people in countries listed as not authorized. If I understood correctly, I can centrally buy the licenses, but by using groups I could keep them separate from all my authorized licenses. Correct? Does that satisfy the different taxes?
A: It's recommended that you purchase all subscriptions in an approved country (i.e.,
through a subsidiary office if headquarters are not located in an approved country) so they can be used globally by any user.

If this is not possible, contact your Autodesk representative to discuss alternatives.

Q: How is the premium license tool sold? Is it user based?
Premium is based on the number of seats that are eligible products

Q: Can you please provide the list of global use rights approved countries that you mentioned earlier?
A:  View the Global Use Rights Approved Country List.

If you have any additional questions about Autodesk's changes in Global Licensing, or if you’d like to meet with one of our experts to determine how you can optimize your team’s software utilization, contact us

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