Exception in acepublish.arx opening AutoCAD Electrical 2022

May 5, 2022 Joanna Gryszka


Launching AutoCAD Electrical 2022, an Unhandled Exception error in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2022\Acade\acepublish.arx pops up.

Here are two sample Unhandled Exception errors that open on launch.

Clicking Ok in the dialog box allows AutoCAD Electrical to open and run.


The AutoCAD 2022.1 Update causes an error in the acepublish.arx file.  See this Autodesk article explaining the error.

You’ll notice an ‘Unknown command’ error at the command line:


  • Invoking the AEPUBLISH command.
  • Or trying to Publish a project to PDF or DWF/DWFX by right-clicking on the project and choosing the ‘Publish to PDF/DWF/DWFx’:


Install the latest AutoCAD Electrical 2022 update from your Autodesk Account or the Autodesk Desktop App.

  • Currently the latest update is AutoCAD Electrical 2022.0.1
  • Before installing the AutoCAD Electrical 2022.0.1 update AcePublish.arx will be at version and after the update

If other AutoCAD Electrical commands show an ‘Unknown command’ error at the command line, try resetting the program to default or verify if any Windows/Office updates were recently installed and remove them:


If the error persists  uninstall AutoCAD Electrical 2022 from Windows Control Panel and reinstall from a full download in Autodesk Account or Autodesk AVA.

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