Revit could not load IntflFC.dll error

September 10, 2021 Ken Williams


When launching Revit, you get the error “Revit could not load C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 202x\IntfiFC.dll”


1. Before you try an uninstall/reinstall of Revit, let’s try a repair of C++

2. In Windows, click “Start” in the lower left corner and type appwiz.cpl 

3. Scroll down until you come to Microsoft Visual C++ All of the Microsoft Visual C++ with a Monitor, computer and CD Icon will need to be repaired. Example: 

4. Click “Change” at the top, and then click on the first Microsoft Visual C++ that has the Icon 

5. On the message box that pops up, choose “Repair” 

6. Choose “Close” when the repair has completed. If you get a “Restart” button, still chose “Close”. We can restart after all the C++ has been repaired.

7. After you have finish repairing all of the C++ items that have this icon Reboot the computer and try starting Revit again.

8. If the error persists, let’s uninstall and reinstall the C++. There is an all-in-one installer at which will automatically uninstall and reinstall all Visual C++ libraries. Download the all-in-one installer and run it. Reboot the machine after the all-in-one installer completes.

9. Try starting Revit again. 

10. If the above items do not repair Revit. You will have to do an uninstall/reinstall of Revit.

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Installation Technical Support Specialist<br><br>Ken Williams has over 20 years of experience as a systems administrator helping organizations with installation, configuration, and maintenance. At IMAGINiT, Ken puts his knowledge of Microsoft, SQL, servers, and Autodesk to work ensuring clients are able to stay up-and-running, install their software easily, and maintain their solutions.

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