Where to Find and Download Product Updates From Your Autodesk Account


You want to download the updates to your software and do not or cannot use the Autodesk Desktop App.


1. Log into https://manage.autodesk.com
2. In the Left Pane, click on All Products and Services

3. Navigate to the Product you are needing to get an update for and click on View Downloads
Classic View:

or New View:

If you have a Collection or AutoCAD Including Specialized Toolsets, Click on View Items, then find the included Item and click View Downloads

4. In the Pop-up window, select the Updates & Add-ons Tab
Classic View:
New View (click on the Product Year):

5. Browse through the list and find the necessary updates, or click on the Add Filters Button to looks for specific updates by Product Year
Classic View:
New View (This is now broken up into catagories for easier navigation):

6. If Using Filters, select the Product year (Classic view only)

Then scroll to the bottom and click Apply

7. That will then filter your Downloads to only that year of product and it’s applicable updates.
8. Download them and save them to a folder
9. You can now run the downlaoded file to update your software

10. If you are using SCCM or other software, you can create objects to push these specific patches

NOTE: Generally speaking, when applying updates start with the older ones first, as there may be dependencies on other updates, and if you are using AutoCAD based Software (Map 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Mechanical, Etc.), make sure to ALWAYS update AutoCAD first, before applying the vertical specific patches.

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