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When you are using a Multi-User (Network) license or downloading & installing from your Autodesk account has failed and you need to download a product. 

Note: Multi-User seats do not need to be assigned by the software coordinator, so there is no option to download unless specified by the software coordinator. 

Below is the option to download via AVA (Autodesk Virtual Assistant).


1. Go to AVA


2. Click in the box and type in Download Product and Year (example is download AutoCAD 2021) and hit enter

3. Click on the Start Button

4. You will now be prompted to Sign in with an Autodesk account.  You must have an active Autodesk account to sign in, but you do not need to have any products or benefits assigned).

5. Choose “I have an existing license”


6. Choose “This computer” to download the install on your computer


7. Choose “Continue within AVA”


8. Install Now Web Installer Instructions:
          a. First choose the language and 32 or 64 bit. Second choose “Download”


          b.  Choose the “Save File." The file should be in your download folder. Run this file to start the                        Web Installer and follow the steps to download and install.


9. If the Web Installer has failed before or are asked to use the browser download instead.

          a. Instead click on the Try browser download
          Then save the file, once that download completes, navigate to that location and double-click to              run the exe file.
         b. In some cases, there are multiple parts, they are shown like this:
You must click on each part shown above (Part 1, Part 2, etc.) to get each piece downloaded and saved. NOTE: All parts must be downloaded completely to the same location before trying to launch that installer.  Generally, all parts except the last part will be 2 GB in size, and the highest numbered part will be a fraction of that.
           c. Navigate to the downloaded location and confirm all parts are there.
In the example above AutoCAD Architecture 2021 has two parts and both are downloaded (that’s the 001_002 and 002_002 at the end of the file name)
          d. Double click on one of them to unpack the software and choose a location to place the                               installer files. The default is C:\Autodesk, so ensure you have enough space before extracting.
          e. Once the installer finishes extracting, it will start the installation process.
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