Error Creating MAJ in Fabrication CADmep

December 4, 2023 Heather Volk

When trying to use the command “CREATECAM” and you get an error message or a pop up. “The following item(s) will not be output”

•    The itms status is not configured to be an output.
•    The itms have an empty status field.

Enabling the output option in the database:
1.    Click on the “Edit Database” button or type in “EDITDBASE”
2.    Click on the “Takeoff” tab, then on the left side of the windows select “Item Statuses”.
3.    In this section you can add, edit or delete the OOTB (Out of the box) Statuses. Start by giving it an ID number, then description, Layer tag (if you want it to show up on its own layer), Status color, and lastly a checkbox to toggle the output on and off. 

4.    Next, go to the “CAD Settings” section on the left side of the window. 
5.    Select the “Output/ Print/ Cam” tab. 
6.    Make sure the “Change status after export to CAM” is checked and that the “Change Status” is set to the correct status:

7.    Click “OK” to apply changes. 

Checking itms without a status applied: 
1.    Select all the items in question with a selection window.
2.    Right click > Select CADmep Properties…

3.    In the “Status” portion, select the dropdown to assign a new status or put back to the default “0:Design”.
4.    Click “OK” to apply. 

For more information on Statuses see this Blog

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