Civil 3D Labels in XREFs have Incorrect Linetype Displayed

May 8, 2023 Ryan Wunderlich

You are in Civil 3D and have brought in an XREF with Civil 3D Labels and they are showing an incorrect linetype.
Drawing the labels are in:

Labels in the drawing where it’s XREF’d:

This is normally controlled by the XREF Layer being overridden.

First thing to do is confirm (in the layer dialog) that the layer is not being overridden by a different linetype:
If you open the Layer Dialog and see an XREF Overrides section, then that may be where it’s coming from:

If you do not see any overrides, then we need to look in the properties dialog (with nothing selected).  If you see in the Properties, a linetype override (showing Fenceline2), then the leader properties of the Civil 3D labels will show that linetype and not anything else.

Change it back to By Layer and then REGENALL and the linetypes will go back to what is in the XREF

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