Autodesk Desktop Connector Installation 1603 Error

February 21, 2024 Gregory Lee

Version: Autodesk Desktop Connector v16.x


During the installation of Autodesk Desktop Connector v16, a Fatal Error 1603 occurs.


The Fatal Error 1603 can occur during the installation of Autodesk Desktop Connector v16 if the previous version of the Autodesk Desktop Connector was not uninstalled properly. This version requires a complete removal of the previous one, and the error is likely due to remnants of the old installation still present on the system. You can confirm this issue by reviewing the installation log file located at C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Autodesk\ODIS. The log file will contain lines similar to the following:

"INSTALL_PACKAGE","errorCode":"1603","errorType":"IM_PACKAGE_ERROR Fatal error during installation.\r\n"},"source":"DDA_IM","target":"DDA_CORE","version":"DDA_V1


  1. Use the Microsoft Uninstall Troubleshooter Tool: Microsoft offers a tool to fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed. Use this tool to remove any remnants of the previous version of Autodesk Desktop Connector from your system.
  2. After using the Uninstall Troubleshooter Tool, attempt to install the new Autodesk Desktop Connector v16.x again.
  3. By completely removing the previous version and then installing the latest version, you should be able to resolve the Fatal Error 1603 and successfully install Autodesk Desktop Connector v16.x.

Additional resources:

Common reasons for the 1603 error during installation. - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog (

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