AutoCAD Electrical Project Will Not Check into Vault

June 29, 2022 Heath White


AutoCAD Electrical Project Will Not Check into Vault


When attempting to check an AutoCAD Electrical project into the Vault from the project manager, the check in fails.  Depending on the release of AutoCAD Electrical you are using, you may also experience freezing of the software.



This issue results from the requirement that the need to always have at least one project in the project manager.  Historically, this was only a problem when the user chose to close files upon check in.  With more recent versions of AutoCAD Electrical, the issue has become more noticeable due to the switch to Microsoft Access Database Engine (2016).


The simplest solution is to always keep at least two projects open. I would suggest leaving one of the demo projects that ship with the software available, however you could also leave a blank or template project in the list depending on what seems most convenient for you.


With the newer versions of AutoCAD Electrical, if you try to check in the last open project, instead of simply failing or locking up, you should be redirected to the following AKN article.


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