Create a custom Inventor background

June 30, 2022 Shawn Heator

How to Customize your Inventor background


How to customize your Inventor background with a custom image.



Inventor Professional includes an option to change the look of the Inventor background. There are several In-canvas Color Schemes that are available out of the box. Each of the color schemes has a different background. There is even an option to customize your background with a custom image or custom color. The instructions below provide steps to create a custom background with a custom image.

  1. Create or find an image to use as a background. Inventor accepts several file types. (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .tif)

  1. Launch Inventor and open Application Options on the Tools tab. Application Options can also be opened by selecting File>Options.

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  1. Select the Colors tab to view the current settings. Select Customize Schemes to change an available Color Schemes or create a new Color Scheme.

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The Color Scheme Editor will open.

  1. In the Color Scheme Editor, select New. Enter the name of your new Color Scheme and select OK. Exit the Color Scheme Editor after creating your custom Color Scheme.

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  1. The new Color Scheme will now be available in the In-canvas Color Scheme window. Select your new Color Scheme. If you already have a background image, select the search button under “File name:”

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The Open dialog box will appear.

  1. The default location for background images can be found in the Public Documents path for your Inventor version. 

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 202X\Backgrounds

Select your new background image and then select Open.

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  1. In Application Options, once your Color Scheme is selected and your custom image is set, select Apply and exit Application options.
  2. Open any part or assembly. Your background will now use the custom In-canvas Color Scheme with your custom image. As you can see in the example below, Inventor is now using the IMAGINiT_.png as the background image.