Tips to Improve Performance in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Based Products

May 27, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich

If you are experiencing lag and /or performance issues while using AutoCAD or it's vertical based products, try the settings below to increase some of the performance and remove some of the program overhead.

  • VTENABLE = 0
  • SELECTIONPREVIEW = 2 or 0 (I have mine set to 0 normally)
  • INPUTSEARCHOPTIONS - Turn off some or all the options, fine tune what you need it to look for and I always recommend increasing the Suggestion list delay time to 3000-5000 milliseconds.
  • Also go into AutoCAD OPTIONS, and under the Display Tab, turn off Display Paper Shadow (and I generally turn off Display Paper Background).
  • Remaining in Options, go to the Open and Save Tab and uncheck Display Digital Signature Information.
  • Continuing to remain in Options, navigate to the System Tab and click on Graphics Performance

    Then make sure Hardware Acceleration is ON and tweak the setting to look like the below:
  • DYNMODE=0 (this turns off the Dynamic Input, so use only if necessary)
  • WHIPTHREAD=3 (only on 2019 and older), otherwise ensure it's set to 1

Also go into the Control Panel, Select Power Options.  See if you are running High Performance or Balanced.  I generally recommend to select High Performance.

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