What SQL version is being backed up when SQL is upgraded?

June 30, 2023 Bob Felton


When Autodesk Vault has been run with the SQL Enterprise Evaluation edition and it expires and SQL Standard has been installed to migrate the databases, how can it be confirmed which SQL edition is being backed up in Vault?


When the Vault Administrator, or sometimes the person fulfilling that responsibility, wants to know which of the two versions of SQL are serving Vault, how can that be easily determined with the least amount of difficulty?


There are SQL queries that can be run in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to confirm the SQL version and edition, detailed here. But If SSMS is not installed and/or the level of familiarity with SQL is low, here is an easy method to confirm the SQL edition and version.

By default, Autodesk Vault will install a SQL Express edition if no prior edition of SQL is present on the server. That usually causes no problems, since it will be matched to a compatible version for the Vault Server edition that is installed.

The problem arises when SQL Enterprise Evaluation is installed and has expired and it was deemed that SQL Standard edition is a better fit.

With two easy steps, the current SQL can be found by locating ERRORLOG from:

C:\Windows\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.AUTODESKVAULT\Log\ERRORLOG

Note:  MSSQL14.AUTODESKVAULT will be present for Vault 2023. Earlier or later Vault editions will show something similar, but it will be the longest folder name in the Microsoft SQL Server folder.

Notice that ERRORLOG shows no file extension, even though 'File name extensions' view is on, This is normal.

Open the ERRORLOG in Notepad.

The first four lines will summarize the SQL Version and Edition.

Also, the current data and time will confirm it's in use. Any other installed SQL editions will have an older date and time.

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