Ways to Work from Home with Autodesk Products

October 2, 2023 Heather Volk

Issue: Need/Want to work from home with Autodesk products

Causes: Sickness, Family Emergency, change of scenery, Avoiding Karen from accounting.

Solution: There are many solutions available! You just need the one most appropriate for you.

Network Multi-user licenses: **Autodesk is not selling these anymore**

  1. Request a license to use software at home.



  1. “Borrowing a License” to work from home.


Using VPN to log into Network:

  1. Issues with networking connections:


For Work-sharing in Revit remotely:


Don’t forget to update/patch your software after installing:

How to install updates using the Autodesk Access (The new version of the Desktop App):

Autodesk Access Information

If Autodesk Access doesn't appear to be working, then manually download and install using your Autodesk account:

Manual update information

Drawings, information storage options and cloud platforms:

  1. BIM360 is a great platform to store and share information. Supported with Revit


  1. Dropbox: *Not supported with Revit*


  1. Google Drive: *Not supported with Revit*


  1. pCloud: *Not supported with Revit*


  1. OneDrive: (Microsoft office) *Not supported with Revit*


Please do not forget to run audits and purges on your files to keep them clean, and while you’re at it please don’t forget to wash your hands! This is the #1 way to avoid getting “cooties” from Karen in Accounting.

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