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December 5, 2023 Heather Volk

Welcome to the IMAGINiT Community Website! On the Home page of this site we have added a case cue for companies to be able to see how many cases they have open and the status of them. There is also a section to submit a case quickly. This site has access to valuable information we post in our blogs, information on training sessions and so much more. 

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How to Register:
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Home Page:
The home page shows current cases in the que. There is also a spot for anyone to submit a case:

The open cases are shown on the left and the option to create a case is on the right. When submitting a case, please include as much information and details as possible. Then click Submit to send it to Support. 

Ribbon Information:
Up along the top ribbon there are 6 different tabs. 
1.    Software: This tab has information on all software that IMAGINiT has to offer. 

2.    Training & Support: This tab has information regarding our training classes, course catalog, training center locations and options.  It also goes over the different Support offerings and contact information to reach support.

3.    Solutions: This tab has information regarding the Consulting and Software Implementation services we offer at IMAGINiT. 

4.    Industries: This tab discusses the different industry challenges and IMAGINiT’S solutions for them. 

5.    About Us: This tab talks about IMAGINiT’S many years of expertise in the industry, our services, training, and partnerships. There is also a section to look at job openings we have listed and join our team!

6.    Resources: This tab has information on all our resources. There are Autodesk Tips, case studies, videos & webcasts as well as Support Blogs. 

7.    There is also a button to send IMAGINiT an email or a phone number to call:

8.    This button takes you to the Productivity now website:

9.    The search box allows any subject to be searched and then the options can be filtered to find anything necessary:

Here are the search results for “Revit error.” You can see there are different options to filter for what is needed. 

Are you having issues logging in? 
Start by clearing the cookies on the web-browser you are in, and signing in again. 
If that does not resolve the issue click on the “Forgot Password” and try to reset. 
If that does not resolve the issue, please reach out to for assistance. 

Did you forget your password? Click Forgot Password:

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About the Author

Heather Volk

Sr. Technical Support Specialist, Building Solutions<br><br>Heather is responsible for responding to customer requests and helping them address technical challenges in a timely manner. She is an experienced Computer Aided Design Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. She has strong arts and design professional skills in AutoCAD, plumbing, computer aided design (CAD), project estimation, and facility management, and a history of providing training and technical support.

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