Steps to Upgrade to the IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit 2022-2018 Standalone

March 21, 2022 Jeff Lotan


You have an older version of the IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit installed. You want to upgrade to the newer Utilities for the new tools or a new activation code.

Tip!  Our Utilities for Revit 2022-2018 only needs to be installed once and it will install into all versions of Revit from 2018 up to 2022 if they are installed.


This article will help you get the Utilities for Revit 2022 upgraded and licensed.

There will be several steps involved.

  1. Generating the new Authcode and asset.
  2. Downloading and extracting the software.
  3. Uninstalling the existing version.
  4. Installing and activating the 2022 version.

Let us begin…

  1. Generating the new Authcode.

    If your Autodesk software was purchased through IMAGINiT Technologies, then you are eligible to get our Utilities Free of charge. 

    You will need to go to and fill out the form to generate the asset.  Please ensure you use the company email address assigned to you.  Our system checked the email to verify your Autodesk subscription is through IMAGINiT.

    You will receive an automated email with instructions and links after generating the new Authcode and automatically add the asset into our system under the account. 

    For more information about it:


  1. Downloading and extracting the software.
    1. In the email you will have a link to download the software, click the link and it should download.  If you receive an error, then please contact your IT to assist.
    2. Once downloaded copy it to the C:\Autodesk folder.
    3. Right click the .zip file and select “Extract here…” or “Extract All”…  It may be something else depending on what tools are installed for .zip files.
      Extract all shows up using my File Explorer in Windows 10.

I like everything going to my Autodesk folder structure.  It is easier to find under any Windows login on the machine.

You will see the new folder.

Now on to the Uninstall process.


  1. To uninstall the prior version of our Utilities for Revit.
    1. Exit all versions of Revit.
    2. Go into Control Panel>Programs and Features.
    3. Find the IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit and uninstall it.
  1. Installing and Activating the 2022 version.
    The Authcode is specific to the installer, so when using the 2022 Authcode, we need to have the 2022 utilities installed.

Our 2022-2018 Utilities for Revit will install into all versions of Revit 2018 and higher and comes with more tools than the older versions.

Steps to get the software running again:

1) Exit all versions of Revit

2) Click the link (in the email received earlier) to download the new Utilities (this version has more tools) and extract the files from the .zip file.

3) Double click, or Right-click and select “Install”, to install the updated Utilities and it will do an in-place upgrade of the ones that are installed.

4) Launch Revit and try one of the tools.

5) When you receive the licensing dialog, use the NEW AUTHCODE (in the email received earlier) to activate or it won't work (you'll probably receive a wrong version type of error).

Note: computer names more than 15 characters long will break the automated licensing. You will need to email us the license that was generated and the full computer name so we can fix it.  See

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