Revit Group Best Practice

October 3, 2023 Gregory Lee


The usage of groups in Revit can result in unhealthy model practices due to the strict setup and management required.


Many users do not fully comprehend the strict requirements and management necessary when utilizing groups in Revit, leading to improper usage and unhealthy models.


While using groups in Revit requires strict setup and management, it can significantly enhance productivity if utilized correctly. Revit offers two types of groups: 3D model groups and 2D detail groups. This guide will concentrate on the setup of 3D model groups, which are ideal for multi-family and hotel projects that utilize typical unit configurations.

3D Model Group Setup:

  1. Find a working area away from the project model location.
  2. Create a view and establish an additional phase named "Standard Phase." 
    • This ensures that any elements included in the Group templates do not count as extras.
    • If the project is an interior design, the Standard Phase is established at the end.
    • If the project is a core and shell, the Standard Phase is created before the existing phase or the very first phase.
  3. Arrange grid reference planes to accommodate the group. 
  4. Create the group and ensure that the insertion point is appropriate.   
  5. Set the phase of the arranged element on the Standard view so that it is demolished before the working phase.                                
  6. Arrange the groups in the template view. 

Applications of 3D Model Groups:

  1. Drag and drop the group from the Project Browser. 
  2. Arrange the group in the plan view.                                              
  3. If any edits are required for the group, do not edit the group in the working view. Instead, always open the Group Standard view and make the modifications.  
  4. Any edits made to the group will automatically update on your views. This way, you can avoid any breaks in the group and manage the group more efficiently.

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