Autodesk Desktop Connector Best Practice

February 20, 2024 Gregory Lee

Version: Autodesk Desktop Connector v16.x


Autodesk Desktop Connector v16 keeps failing to sync, and the Revit project file won't open.


There are several factors that contribute to the sync issue:

  • Large file transactions using Windows File Explorer.
  • Transferring files from one project to another using Windows File Explorer.
  • A large number of file activities occurring within a short period of time.


Resolving the Autodesk Desktop Connector issue involves two stages:

1st Stage - Proactive Methods:

To proactively avoid sync issues with the Autodesk Desktop Connector, it is important to understand its limitations.

Large file transactions using Windows File Explorer:

Uploading a large number of files at once through Windows File Explorer can cause the Autodesk Desktop Connector to stop syncing. The recommended approach is to directly upload the files to the BIM 360/ACC Docs web portal.

Transferring files between projects using Windows File Explorer:

Copying files from one ACC project to another using Windows File Explorer can cause problems as it is not supported. However, Autodesk Desktop Connector does not prevent users from performing this action.


A large number of file activities within a short period of time:

If you primarily use Autodesk AutoCAD in cloud environments, this issue may occur more frequently. AutoCAD accesses the Autodesk Desktop Connector more frequently compared to Revit usage. Accessing and editing multiple xref DWG files can stress the Autodesk Desktop Connector and lead to sync issues. In such cases, occasional use of the Autodesk Desktop Connector reset is the only feasible solution at the moment.

System Folder re-naming with File explorer:

The system folder is a unique folder that is automatically generated after creating a BIM 360 / ACC project and enabling Design Collaboration. These folders have fixed names and should remain unchanged. Autodesk Desktop Connector allows users to access and manage these folders through File Explorer. However, it is important to note that renaming the system folder can disrupt synchronization and cause unexpected behavior. To ensure proper functionality, please maintain the system folder path as "Autodesk Docs[Company Hub][Project Name]\Project Files" once it is set up.

2nd Stage - Resetting Autodesk Desktop Connector:

Resetting the Autodesk Desktop Connector to its default state can resolve most sync issues. Follow instruction in the blow link to reset Desktop Connector version 16.x:

Resetting Desktop Connector version 16.x to default to resolve local cache issues (

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