ReCap Activation Issues

October 5, 2018 Ryan A Wunderlich


You launch ReCap and it tells you your trial has expired and you need to register the product. If you attempt to enter your SN/Key it fails to activate as an invalid SN/Key


There are 2 versions of ReCap (more info on the differences here):

ReCap - It is the Free Version of the point cloud viewer (it is included with the Suites and single Autodesk products).

This version has a timeout built into the software that requires the user to either:

• Upgrade to a newer version of the software, when available. Updates are always notified within the app.

• Activate it as ReCap Pro with a valid license.

ReCap Pro - It is the full-featured version of ReCap. It requires a specific license which is usually provided when purchasing an Industry Collection e.g. AEC, or an individual ReCap Pro license.


From an installation point of view, ReCap and ReCap Pro are basically the same desktop applications. ReCap contains both free and for-pay professional features. The for-pay features are called " Pro" features, and are activated under term-based subscription plans.

Thus, the reason of the above errors is that any Suite or Single Product licenses does not cover ReCap Pro. Since it only includes the ReCap free version, no activation is necessary.

You can either acquire a ReCap Pro license or use the ReCap free version.

Download and install it will work as recap pro for 30 days and then will become regular recap

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