How to update your video card

January 11, 2024 Paul Sills

Check to see if your video card is on the list of certified Autodesk tested video cards and if there is an update. If your video card is not listed or you are still having issues go to your video card manufacturers site.

If you run windows updates, look at Optional updates for your graphics card update. If you don't see one you still need to verify it is truly up to date. I like to look at my system specs to verify my driver is up to date.

Open the Run dialog box by clicking your keyboards Windows+R keys to open the Run box. Type “msinfo32” into the “Open” field, and then hit Enter.

You should immediately see the System Information panel.


Expand Components and click on Display. You will need to widen the Value column so you can see the entire Driver information. The date of your driver is the last time it was updated.

You will then go to your graphics card manufacturers website to find out if there is an update. 

As you can see I have gone to the NVIDIA drivers website and found that compared to my driver in the system information above I have an update.

Video driver update

AMD video cards can be found at the AMD website and the Intel on-board graphics cards you need to go to your machines manufactures website to find your update i.e. Dell, HP, etc.

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