PC3 Files and Named Page Setups Not Working Correctly

January 23, 2023 Ryan Wunderlich

You have upgraded to a newer version of AutoCAD-based products, and you have PC3 files that you had to update or create new ones and you have named page setups in your starting template.  On a machine that you did not create these items (PC3 file or page setups), when you select the page setup, it does not hold the page setup name, but does alter the plot dialog correctly, so the Page Setup name goes back to <None>, but the rest of the settings remain (CTB/STB used, paper size, etc.)

This problem is a process issue that started with the 2021 products, but can be fixed with a few additional steps during the creation phase.

The fix for getting the PC3 file to work on other computers besides the one it was created on you must do the following steps:
1.    Create a brand new PC3 file from scratch
2.    Save a brand-new page set up in your template using that newly created PC3 in one of the layout tabs
3.    Go to the Page Setup Manager
4.    Highlight the page setup you created and click Modify
5.    Click the Preview button to make sure it looks correct and is setup properly to plot the desired way you want
6.    Save it again by click OK and close the Page Setup Manager.

Also, you must verify that the local machine printer preferences had matching paper size settings as the ones used in the PC3 settings.

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