Multileaders With Custom Blocks Not Displaying Or Plotting Correctly When Used As An XREF

August 16, 2021 Ryan Wunderlich


You have created a custom block with Attribute Text, and are using that with a Multileader Style, and when XREF’ing that drawing, the text reverts to Black and will only plot in black

The Grey object is a Multileader with a custom block, the green is the same block, simply inserted into the drawing.  Both of these are XREF’d into the current drawing, which is why it appears this way.


This issue comes from how the block is created, and how Multileaders handle that block reference


The solution is actually very simple.

  1. Open the Block in the Block Editor
  2. Select all the objects/elements that make up the block
  3. In the properties palette, change the Color from ByLayer to ByBlock
  4. Close the Block Editor and save the changes
  5. Now when the block in the Multileader is used in an XREF, it will display correctly

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