Missing Vault Add-in

August 26, 2021 Shawn Heator

Issue: The Vault standalone client is installed but the Vault add-in for one of your Autodesk applications is missing.

Causes: This issue typically occurs in 2021 and older software when the Autodesk design application (AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks, Revit, etc..) is installed after the Vault Client is installed. The Vault Client should be the last application installed so it can put the Vault Add-in into the design application. Autodesk has revamped the Vault add-in’s for 2022 and this issue should no longer occur.

Solution: The Vault add-in can be placed into a design application using Control Panel. Please make sure to have all Autodesk and Microsoft applications closed. This example uses AutoCAD 2020 but will apply to all other Autodesk applications.

  1. Open Control Panel>Programs and Features>Uninstall/Change a Program. Find your Vault Client application and right click to select Uninstall/Change.





  1. The Vault installer will appear. Select the option to Add or Remove Features.

  1. Find the application that is missing the Vault Add-in. From the example image below, AutoCAD 2020 does not have a check mark for the Vault add-in. Check the box for AutoCAD 2020 to place the Vault add-in into AutoCAD. (If the check mark is visible but the add-in is not showing in the application, uncheck the box to remove the Vault add-in).


  1. After checking the box for AutoCAD 2020, the icon showing the missing “X” will change to a down arrow to denote the Vault add-in will be loaded into AutoCAD 2020. (If you have unchecked the Add-in box then the arrow will change to an up arrow to denote unloading the Vault add-in). Select Update.


  1. The process is complete when the dialog box changes to “You have successfully updated this product”. Select Finish to exit the Vault Client dialog box. (If you unloaded the add-in then repeat Steps 1-5 to re-load the Vault add-in for the design application).

  1. Launch the program that was previously missing the Vault Add-in to confirm the Vault tab is now present.

If the problem continues then please contact support at 888-528-4765 or e-mail support@rand.com.

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