Inventor 3D annotations display in IPN and can't be turned off

September 15, 2023 Joanna Gryszka


In an Inventor presentation file(.ipn), 3D annotations suddenly display even though they're not visible in the assembly. 

Applying a Design View representation to the presentation scene doesn't turn off their visibility.


This occurs in Inventor 2022 through 2024 if suppressing/un-suppressing assembly components in the Master(Primary) Model State. 

And only when the assembly has no Model States other than the default Master(Primary).

The issue is currently under investigation for a resolution:


To prevent this from occurring when suppressing components create a Model State for this purpose.

Once the 3D annotations are visible in the presentation scene they can't be removed by applying a Design View representation(with Associative option) to that scene. A Design View rep is applied to the presentation scene with the Representations... option:

  • In this example the Scene has the custom design view 'No MBD' applied to it.  No 3D annotations are visible in the assembly but display in the presentation file.

Workaround #1:

You may be able remove the visible 3D annotations by toggling component visibility.

  • Right-click on the component(s) with visible 3D annotations.
  • Uncheck 'Visibility'.  Repeat and re-select 'Visibility'

Workaround #2:

  • If toggling visibility doesn't remove the 3D annotations delete the presentation Scene and recreate it:

  • If no other Scene is present recreate the Scene using 'Create Scene'.  Delete the 'broken' scene.

About presentation files:

Update November 7th 2023

Inventor 2024.2 includes a fix for this:

Resolved a 3D annotations visibility issue in Presentation files when suppressing component in the reference assembly. INVGEN-71734

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