Inventor 2023 File New locks up

May 26, 2023 Joanna Gryszka


In Inventor 2023 some users report that the ‘Create New File’ dialog box opens but Inventor freezes right after.  The dialog box opens but shows as a white box and locks up.

The program can also lock up before the ‘Create File New’ dialog box opens.


Missing Inventor 2023 updates or a Project Template path access issue.


1.  Verify that the latest Inventor 2023 update is installed. Currently Inventor 2023.3.

2. Verify that the active Project 's template path is accessible.

  • Edit the path as needed to a valid Templates folder. 
  • Or try the default folder in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2023\Templates\en-US\.

2. If the latest update is installed and the 'Templates' path is valid but Inventor still locks up test with your anti-virus software disabled.

For a similar issues in Inventor 2022:

Inventor 2022 File New locks up on Windows 11

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Manufacturing Technical Support Specialist<br><br>Joanna has over eight years of experience working with Autodesk products. She started supporting core AutoCAD and network installations of all Autodesk products. She now has five years of experience with Inventor. <br> She graduated from Mechanical Engineering and has been providing solutions to clients and dedicating her knowledge to the Solution Center since then.

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