Inventor 2018 Licensing Stuck in the Trial Loop

July 9, 2021 Jeff Lotan


You change the licensing from Network or Standalone to the new “sign in” or “Named User” type of license and it says your trial is expired.  You click "already have a license", then select “sign in” option and you try to “sign in” and it loops back to your trial is expired.  The other Autodesk programs ran fine, only Inventor 2018 had the licensing/loop problem.


This problem can be due to few things. You may need to troubleshoot to determine the exact cause.


This was resolved on several machines using the following steps.

  • Verify the program has been assigned to the user (twice it was not).
  • Use the IMAGINiT blog and run the batch file on the client.
  • Run the Autodesk “Inventor Reset Utility”.


  1.  Verify the license has been assigned:
    1. Have the user go to and sign in using their email address and Autodesk password.
    2. Go to “All products and services” and verify that Inventor or the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection has been assigned.
    3. If it has not been assigned the Primary admin or Secondary admin will need to assign it to the users email address.
  2. IMAGINiT blog on How to use the IMAGINiT license reset batch file.
    1. Go to and follow the instructions in the IMAGINiT blog:
  3. Run the Autodesk “Inventor Reset Utility”
    1. Go to the Windows start button and navigate to and find the “Inventor Reset Utility” (found it in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Autodesk and another place on a different machine).  Once the dialog is open select Inventor 2018 and click “Reset”.


Launch Inventor 2018, select “sign in” or that you want to use Single User, use the email address and password of the user that has been assigned to the program.

If it still fails, then you may want to run the Autodesk Desktop App and install the updates listed under "My Updates".

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