How to Remove Vault Data Standards

March 18, 2024 Shawn Heator


After installing Autodesk Vault Professional and starting a new drawing in Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD, or while creating a new folder in Autodesk Vault, an unfamiliar dialog box appears that requires additional information before you can proceed. The image below is an example of the dialog box that appears in Autodesk Inventor.

The dialog box is part of the Vault Data Standard component. Starting with Vault 2022, Vault Data Standard is no longer a program listed in Windows Programs and Features. Since it is no longer listed as an installed program, how can Vault Data Standard be uninstalled?


The dialog box appears due to the installation of an additional Vault Professional component called Vault Data Standard. By default, the optional box for Vault Data Standard is not selected when installing Vault Professional Client. The only way to install Vault Data Standard is to check the box during the installation process.


Since Vault Data Standard is not listed in Program and Features, there is not a convenient method to directly remove Vault Data Standards.

There are three primary options: Uninstall and Reinstall Vault Client, Use the Microsoft Troubleshooter to remove Vault Data Standards, Unload the Vault Data Standard from Vault.

  1. The most direct method to remove Vault Data Standard is to use the Microsoft Troubleshooter (aka Microsoft Fix-it) without impacting any other applications. You will need to be an administrator on your system to run the Microsoft Troubleshooter.

The Troubleshooter is typically used to “Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed". It can also be used to remove programs, such as Vault Data Standard, which are not listed in Control Panel. The link below will take to you the download site for the Microsoft Troubleshooter.

Microsoft Fix-it

The download for the Microsoft Troubleshooter may appear “blocked” on your computer.

Select the download and a box with an ellipsis (three dots) will appear on the right side. Select the box for additional options to select Keep.

The Microsoft Troubleshooter will not become unblocked. Open the download.

Select the option that you are having trouble “Uninstalling”.

Then find and select Autodesk Vault Data Standard. Select Next. This example is for version 2024 but applies to versions 2022 and newer.

Select “Yes, try uninstall” to attempt the uninstall of Autodesk Vault Data Standard 2024.


The process may take several minutes. The final dialog box should display the problem is “Fixed”. Close the Troubleshooter.

The Vault Data Standard will no longer be on the computer.

  1. The official method is to uninstall Vault Professional and reinstall Vault Professional without the checkbox for Vault Data Standard. Uninstalling Vault Professional is the supported Autodesk method to remove Vault Data Standard. However, it is more involved than using the Microsoft Troubleshooter since it removes the entire application, including all add-ins, and then must be installed again.

  1. If the problem with Vault Data Standard only presents when using Inventor, then a simple solution is to unload the Add-in for Vault Data Standard from Inventor. Launch Inventor and go to the Tools tab> Options Panel. Select Add-Ins and scroll down to Vault Data Standard. Uncheck the boxes for “Loaded” and “Load Automatically”.

Unloading the Vault Data Standard Add-in for Inventor does not remove Vault Data Standard from your system. There may be other applications that are impacted by the Vault Data Standard component, but Inventor will no longer be affected.

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