How to receive email notification when Vault project files have lifecycle state changes

June 30, 2024 Bob Felton


When project deadlines are tight it's helpful to know when files in Vault have been released to production, or if they have been changed from Released to Work in Progress.


Delays in communication for when project files are available can cause scheduling and other time-dependent delays affecting project progress.


With the IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client that run directly inside Autodesk Vault, there is a utility available to the Vault Administrator or a member of the Vault Admin group called 'Lifecycle Notifications: Admin' from the Tools > IMAGINiT Utilities menu flyout.

Help for how to configure the email notification for Lifecycle State changes for specific files or folders as well as Items in Vault can be found from the Lifecycle Notifications: Admin menu option like this:

Or, direct access to the Help file can be found here, for Vault 2024 (substitute your Vault version folder, if different):

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Vault 2024\Extensions\IMAGINiT.VaultClientUtils\IMAGINiT_Utilities_for_Vault_Client.chm

To configure the utility, you can optionally check 'Use Job Processor', then choose File, Item, or Folder to watch for lifecycle state changes.

Use the Templates tab to customize the email details that will be received.

For Example, the Help suggests a note to describe why the recipient is receiving this notice, with this paragraph in place of 'text' in the default template"

"You are receiving this notification because of a configuration in the IMAGINiT Utilities Lifecycle Notification Tool. To remove or adjust these notifications, use the tool in Vault Explorer to adjust the configuration."

You can configure the email settings for the Lifecycle Notifications from the Options: Admin: using your email system's settings. 


On the Email Settings tab of General Options, enter your corporate or private email server name and sign-in credentials and send a test email to ensure it works. If any problems occur with the send test that cannot be easily resolved, try the 'Use IMAGINiT Mail Services' option to send the email notification to our SMTP Relay server back to your inbound Outlook mailbox.

The Help system shows more details and uses:

An example of the emailed Lifecycle Change Notification:

Note:  The IMAGINiT Vault Client Utilities are complimentary with Autodesk subscriptions with IMAGINiT, or they can be purchased separately.

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